Steingrimur Rohloff

Steingrimur Rohloff  

Steingrimur Rohloff (IS/DE) – Nachklang

Steingrimur Rohloff über sein piano piece „Nachklang“:

„When I was looking for Beethoven works that were relevant to me, the following memory from my youth came to mind: Long car trips where we would listen to cassette tapes. A lot of Bach and also these Beethoven violin romances. In old cars with old cassette tapes, I set out for my own future to study music. First in Cologne and then in Paris. The piece “Nachklang” for Susanne Kessel uses the theme of Beethoven’s G major violin romance and looks at it through French glasses, so to say.“

  Studio-Aufnahme zum Download – Susanne Kessel, Klavier

„Nachklang“ – Aufführungen:

21. Juni 2020 – Uraufführung – Stadthalle Kleve – Susanne Kessel, Klavier

Steingrimur Rohloff (*1971)

The Icelandic-German composer Steingrimur Rohloff is one of the most prominent young Scandinavian composers, and his works have been performed in more than 25 countries worldwide. He studied in Cologne and in Paris at the Conservatoire Superieur and the IRCAM with Gérard Grisey and Marc-André Dalbavie among others; this French school of crystalline orchestral music has influenced Rohloff profoundly. Among Rohloff’s many awards is the prestigious B.A. Zimmermann Award, which he won whilst living in Germany. The jury described his music as: „of an original fantasy … exciting melodic creativity… colourful harmonies…“
His list of works stretches from orchestral and chamber music to electro- acoustic music, and in recent years Rohloff has also produced a number of stage works. His very first music theatre work was the children’s opera Story of a Mother based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale. It has earned the most prestigious Danish performning arts award: Reumert. Other stage works include 4 Angles on Medea, Motion Demon, Timeshift, Babel, nominated for two Reumerts and Lysistrate. Furthermore to mention is his regular collaboration with the world famous Ensemble Modern and festivals like Klang, Wien Modern, the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Klangspuren, Aldeburgh festival of music, Cresc – Frankfurt, Triennale Köln and more.

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