Ali N. Askin

Ali N. Askin (DE) – 7 Momente aus 111

Ali N. Askin über sein piano piece „7 Momente aus 111“:

„They come again and again… These brief moments that are too fast to notice; but they require your attention. Which you would like to listen to for a little longer. This time, for me, it was Beethoven’s op. 111. As these are my favourite chords from his wonderful work of music..“

  Einzelausgabe Noten Ali N. Askin „2 Momente aus 111“

Studio-Aufnahme zum Download: „7 Momente aus 111“ – Susanne Kessel, Klavier



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Pianistischer Schwierigkeitsgrad: leicht bis mittelschwer

Piano piece „7 Momente aus 111“  – Aufführungen:

29. Nov. 2014 – Uraufführung – Bonner Kunstverein – Susanne Kessel, Klavier

12. Jan. 2015 – WDR „tonart“ Live-Radio – Susanne Kessel, Klavier

23. Aug. 2015 – Studio der Beethovenhalle, Bonn – Susanne Kessel, Klavier

7. Sept. 2015 – Post Tower Lounge, Bonn – Susanne Kessel, Klavier

27. Sept. 2015 – Speicher am Kaufhauskanal, Hamburg – Susanne Kessel, Klavier

25. Feb. 2016 – Klavierhaus Klavins, Bonn – Susanne Kessel, Klavier

5. Dez. 2017 – ArtEZ Conservatorium, Zwolle – Dywel Braaf, Klavier

Ali N. Askin (*1962)

Ali N. Askin composes, produces, arranges and plays music in the most diverse genres, styles, and formats. He has composed for concert halls as well as for film and the television. Electronic music, club tracks, and remixes are as much a part of his work and productions as is chamber music, pieces for radio, and music for the theatre. As a musician (keyboards, electronics), he has been active in a variety of projects and bands. He was born in 1962 in Munich and lives in Berlin since 2001.

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