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Paul Kellach Waddle  

Paul Kellach Waddle (US) – The Vampire, Even in Las Vegas and Manhattan, Still Dreamed of Heiligenstadt

Paul Kellach Waddle über sein piano piece:

“ I worked on the plethora of sketches of this piece (despite it’s short length!) for a VERY long time before I actually conglomerated them into the form and sound I wanted. The title comes from the fact that I do not just compose at my piano and/or in a room. I write EVERYWHERE: bars, casinos, stoplights, subways, buses, planes, etc.

I was putting together my very FINAL versions of the sketches to this piece  during one of my many trips to Las Vegas per year, and during a week in New York City when I was very blessed to be  hearing another piece of mine in Carnegie Hall.  And as of this print, 80% of my music has something to do with Vampires.  We look at the Beethoven 250 project idea and you add NYC, Vegas, Vampires, and the subject matter, and that I am ALWAYS dreaming about all of my pieces that are in progress, and voila, from that springs my title.

The technical program of this piece is my desire to create a rather surrealistically dreamlike atmosphere and harmony set by ironically using actually rather everyday, if not completely mundane materials. Said materials are the fact that save for a few passing chords, and a few harmonies that are definitely my own, this piece’s 32 main tonalities are indeed the tonic chords of all 32 LVB piano sonatas appearing in order.  Sometimes these chords are cadenced into, sometimes they are passing, and sometimes they are juxtaposed on top of each other.

Deep and profound thanks to Maestra Kessel for including me in this project!!!“

„The Vampire, Even in Las Vegas and Manhattan, Still Dreamed of Heiligenstadt“ – Aufführungen:

11. September 2020 -Kammermusiksaal Beethoven-Haus Bonn – Susanne Kessel, Klavier

Paul Kellach Waddle (*1967)

P. Kellach Waddle maintains an  extremely active career as a composer, soloist,  ensemble musician, and conductor.

His opus numbers have just passed the 650  mark and his accolades include: an Austin Critics‘ Table Award (for his String Quartet #2 commissioned by The Miro Quartet) , three nominations as possible finalist for  the Pulitzer Prize, four nominations as State of Texas Musician of The Year, and four as a semifinalist for The American Prize. Quotes about his music and output include: “ ..with all of these luxurious harmonies and melodies, (Waddle) may be the American Rachmaninoff “ and  from the current season :” (Waddle’s) new neo-baroque Violin Concerto is an absolute masterpiece.”, and “ … few people alive are contributing to the lifeblood of their instrument with so much glorious material as (Waddle) is.”

As a soloist, citations include: (from his first ISB appearance as a featured recitalist) –“ (Waddle) is obviously now one of the most creatively thrilling solo bassists in the world!“ As an ensemble musician, he has held both titled and section positions in more than a dozen professional and festival orchestras  including his current position with the Austin Symphony that he has held since 1992. His busy guest conducting schedule has taken him to venues such as Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall and he also served as director of The Austin Philharmonic for 2 1/2 seasons. He also serves as Permanent Legacy Composer of Orchestra Enigmatic of Louisville, Kentucky where he also retains the position of Co-Principal Guest Conductor.

His publicity is managed by WyattBrand.com of Austin, Texas and the majority of his output is published by TfV, inc. of Walton, Mass.

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Paul Kellach Waddle über Ludwig van Beethoven:

„Beethoven is gravity. He is the center of the universe. ALL of western music since 1827 eventually pulls back to him and his achievement.