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Clarence Barlow  

Clarence Barlow (DE) – quarantasette estratti da un vicolo ludofilo

Clarence Barlow about “quarantasette estratti da un vicolo ludofilo”:

“Beethoven”, “Sonatas”, “E-flat”, in that order, were the first terms that came to mind for Susanne Kessel’s piece. Beethoven wrote four sonatas in E-flat major.

47 harmonically selected excerpts of varying lengths from these four sonatas – Nos. 4, 13, 18 and 26 – constitute the sound material for the resulting piece «quarantasette estratti da un vicolo ludofilo» or “forty-seven excerpts from a playful alley” («ludo» and «vico» yield the Italian form «ludovico» of “Ludwig”, «es» is German for E-flat major).

The two-part piece – one part slow, one fast – of under two minutes is characterized by successive harmonically dovetailed links: the end of each excerpt harmonizes with the usually overlapping start of the next.

At the end, the final bars of all four sonata movements sound simultaneously.

“quarantasette estratti da un vicolo ludofilo” – in concert:

Clarence Barlow (*1945)

1945 born into Calcutta’s English-speaking minority

1951-65 piano studies

1957 first compositions

1961-65 Science studies, University of Calcutta

1965-68 concert pianist, 1967-68 conductor

1968-73 studied composition/electronic music at Cologne Music University

1971-72 Sonology studies at Utrecht University

Since 1971 composition with computers

Computer Music Lecturer 1982-94: Darmstadt Summer Courses, 1984-2006: Cologne Music University

1982 Initiator, 1986 Co-founder of GIMIK: Initiative Music and Informatics Cologne

1988 Music Director, XIVth International Computer Music Conference, Cologne

1990 visiting professor, Folkwang University Essen

1990-94 Artistic Director, Department of Sonology The Hague

1994-2006 Professor of Composition and Sonology ibid

2005-06 Visiting Professor, ESMAE Porto

2006-19 Professor and Head of Composition, Music Department of the University of California, Santa Barbara

2018-19 Visiting professor, ESMUC Barcelona

Lives now in Barcelona.


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