Jan Erik Mikalsen

Jan Erik Mikalsen (Photo: E. Slyngstad)  

Jan Erik Mikalsen (NO) – Will they like Beethoven

Jan Erik Mikalsen about his piano piece “Will they like Beethoven”:

“Both Voyager spacecrafts are included with a golden record containing sounds and images from earth and the human culture. The golden records has a lifetime of at least one billion year. There are two music examples of Beethoven included on the records:
-1st movement from the 5th symphony
-5th movement from string quartet no.13
What will a future alien civilization think about Beethoven? The Voyager spacecrafts are now reaching interstellar space. Neither are heading in any specific direction of a star and are destined -perhaps eternally- to wander the Milky Way.”

“Will they like Beethoven” – in concert:

Jan Erik Mikalsen (*1979)


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