Alberto Jacopucci

Alberto Jacopucci  

Alberto Jacopucci (IT) – Sechs kleine Bagatellen im Namen Beethoven

 Alberto Jacopucci about “Sechs kleine Bagatellen im Namen Beethoven”:

“The „Sechs kleine Bagatellen im Namen Beethovens“ were written for „250 piano pieces for Beethoven“, under the commission of the excellent pianist Susanne Kessel.
The Bagatella is to be understood as a musical form, while the titles refer to the Beethovenian piano works. Isolated sounds, dynamics shaking the silence, agglomerations of violent agreements, as if by magic, here comes the last theme of the opus 81 in the last Bagatelle, but deprived of its development, only timbre-dynamic embryo, as Schönberg would have said: “Yes think about how much self-control is necessary to achieve such conciseness. You can … However, to express a novel by means of a single gesture, a moment of joy by means of a single breath is only possible where there is no correspondent”..”

“Sechs kleine Bagatellen im Namen Beethoven” – in concert:

14th Dezember 2018 – world premiere – Klavierhaus Klavins – Susanne Kessel, piano

Alberto Jacopucci (1961 *)

is a composer and musician. He studied piano and composition with  Roland Kayn .He graduated in composition theory and electronic music. He invented a particular graphic notation, which is based on the theory of signals, drawing inspiration from disciplines such as astrophysics, bioacoustics, biology and nanotechnology. He taught courses and gave lectures on various aspects of the history of music in public and private cultural institutions, wrote articles and lectured on hermeneutics and the interpretation.

His works have been played in Europe and the United States. His works have also been performed by renowned artists such as: Alexander Annegarn, Guido Arbonelli, Simone Mancuso. He’s a member of  Asu digital repository (Arizona State University), MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music, New Music and Art Festival.  His works are available at the following institutions: • “Crunch” for Alto recorder at the Is Contemporary Block Flute Music Amsterdam-Musikladle Blockfloten Karlsruhe, Germany • “Traiettoria” for Bassoon at the Library of Congress/Naco (Washington)-University of Michigan-Bowling Green State University (Ohio); • “Sphère” for soprano saxophone at the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música “Victoria Eugenia” de Granada (Spain). Bibliothèque Conservatoire de Lausanne (Switzerland), Stichting Huygens  Fokker Amsterdam  (Netherlands), University of Louisville (USA), Conservatoire de musique de Genève (Switzerland), Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt (IMD) (Germany), Wesleyan University Library (Connecticut) (Usa), AOM (Montrèal).