Marco Molteni

Marco Molteni (Photo: Carlo Gianneschi)  

Marco Molteni (IT) – folio undici (Bagatella und Elegia für ihn)

Marco Molteni about “folio undici (Bagatella und Elegia für ihn)”:

“”Folio Undici (Bagatella und Elegia für ihn)” was written in 2019 on commission by the pianist Susanne Kessel – to whom the piece is dedicated – on the occasion of the project titled “250 piano pieces for Beethoven”.

Taking a cue from two of the five phrases of the “Heiliger Dankgesang eines Genesenen an die Gottheit, in der lydischen Tonart” from the 3rd movement of the string quartet Op.132 that Beethoven wrote in 1825 after a period of tribulation and illness, I wanted to underline two aspects of Beethoven’s character of humanity (the playful and the more intimate).

A Choral acts as a unifying element between the two …”

“folio undici (Bagatella und Elegia für ihn)” – in concert:

13th May 2020 – world premiere – Klavierhaus Klavins, Bonn – Susanne Kessel, piano

Marco Molteni (*1962)

Marco Molteni studied composition with Luciano Chailly and Giuseppe Giuliano; electronic music with Riccardo Sinigaglia at the Conservatory of Music of Milan.

He attended several perfectioning courses like  Accademia Chigiana Siena, Atelier de Recherche Instrumental IRCAM Paris and  Darmstadt  Ferienkurse.

His music has been rewarded and recognized in many international competitions and performed in important institutions in many countries around the world.


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