Knut Vaage

Knut Vaage (NO) – 2nd Movement Meditation

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Piano piece “2nd Movement Meditation” – in concert:

25th February 2016 – world premiere – Klavierhaus Klavins, Bonn – Susanne Kessel, piano

11th March 2016 – Arp Museum, Rolandseck – Susanne Kessel, piano

28th May 2017 – Klavierhaus Klavins, Bonn (DNG) – Susanne Kessel, piano

4th December 2017 – Festival Nieuwe Muziek, Zwolle – Susanne Kessel, piano

30th January 2023 – Pantheon Theater, Bonn “Beethoven Piano Club” – Michael Korstick, piano


About Knut Vaage (*1961)

Knut Vaage lives in Bergen where he works as a composer. He graduated as pianist and composer from Griegakademiet in Bergen. From the Norwegian Academy of Music he has received a professional certificate as a lecturer in composition. Vaage has worked in different styles of music, though concentrating on improvised and contemporary music. Many of Vaage’s projects have investigated the boundaries between improvisation and composed music. His music has been regularly performed on concerts and at festivals in Norway and abroad. Website Knut Vaage


Photo gallery: Knut Vaage in Bonn at concert of “250 piano pieces for Beethoven”

25. Febr. 2016, Klavierhaus Klavins