Miklós Sugár

Miklós Sugár (HU) – L.v. B. alio modo

Miklós Sugár about his piano piece “L.v. B. alio modo”:

“The piano piece L.v.B alio modo was composed at the turn of the year 2018-19. It is a short commemoration on the Beethoven anniversary.

Beethoven’s Sonatas  made a very deep impression on me in my early childhood .  Since and now I can only admire   his musical construction, the very modern harmonies compared that age, and the deep passion, which radiates from every piece.

In the center of the piece there is a short detail of the Waldstein-Sonata which was heavily transformed  according to my ideas, to the  21. century composition language. I feel a strong relationship inspite having been separated by us for   two centuries. The piece contains  two short details also from one of my previous pices, so I try to garantee continuity between the high respected composer, Beethoven and my age.”

“L.v.B. alio modo” – in concert:

6. June 2019 – Galerie Wechselstrom, Vienna – Susanne Kessel, piano

Miklós Sugár (*1952),

composer and conductor, a real specialist in contemporary chamber music. In 1991 he  established  EAR-Ensemble (Electro-Acoustic Research) and gives regularly many concerts both in Hungary and abroad premiering and performing  new compositions of mainly live-electronic repertoire. As a composer , in his music  there are elements from the Hungarian folk music,  sometimes repetitive music,  sometimes live electronics, but his style is absolutely individual, can not compare with any schools or groups.  In the musical forms he considers classical forms  for important. He means, that a  strong contact with the performers is very important,  and many times, especially at  live electronic music, they shape together the final version of the pieces.

Miklós Sugár was awarded in Hungary  with Erkel -Prize  and Bartók-Pásztory-Prize. His works are published by EMB and AKKORD Music Publisher sas well as available on HUNGAROTON CDs