Kjartan Olafsson

Kjartan Ólafsson (Foto: Klaus Ager)  

Kjartan Olafsson (IS) – TwoTimes

Kjartan Ólafsson über sein piano piece “TwoTimes”:

“The title “TwoTimes” reflects the combination of old material and new methodology. The piece was composed with CalmusComposer were short segments from Beethovens piano sonatas were used as a input material. The program is build up with various composing methods that are mainly used for contemporary music and are combined and controlled with various AI functions.

“TwoTimes” – Aufführungen:

Kjartan Ólafsson (*1958)

kjartan Ólafsson has a doctoral degree from the Sibelius Academy. Since 1988, Kjartan has been developing a composing system based on Artificial Intelligence technique called CALMUS. From 2005- 2014 Kjartan was Professor of Composition at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Now he is CEO and head of research at ErkiTónlist sf.

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