Haukur Tómasson

Haukur Tómasson (IS) – Beton

Haukur Tómasson about his piano piece “Beton”

“In my work, “Beton” I am playing with the name Beethoven and its letters. Each letter of his name has its musical material, B = B, ee = repetition, t = staccato, etc. Since the repeated notes often are 4 in a row they of course connect to the 5th symphony. The form is close to a sonata form with its three main sections; exposition, development and recapitulation.”


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Piano piece “Beton” – in concert:

22. April 2015 – world premiere – Rheinhotel Dreesen, Bonn – Susanne Kessel, piano

About Haukur Tómasson (*1960)

Haukur Tómasson studied composition in Reykjavík, Cologne, Amsterdam and at the University of California, San Diego. Besides a large body of chamber music, Tómasson´s work includes nine orchestral pieces, five concertos and the opera Gudruns 4th Song. His works, which combine thorough craftsmanship with a strong musical personality, are notable for their bright, colourful timbres, vibrant textures, and energetic rhythmic structure. Tómasson has received numerous awards, the most prestigious being the Nordic Council Music Price which he received in 2004 for Gudrun´s 4th Song. His music is recorded on BIS, ITM and 12Tonar labels.  Website Haukur Tómasson