Walid Al Hajjar

Walid Al Hajjar  

Walid Al Hajjar (SY) – In memory of Beethoven

Walid Al Hajjar über sein piano piece „In memory of Beethoven“:

Perfecting the technical aspects of his fugal writing was of no concern to Beethoven, because it was exactly through this breaking of form that he achieves what no one else has ever accomplished in music. It is with this attitude in mind, inspired by his pensive melodious writing that I wrote this Träumerei“.

„In memory of Beethoven“ – Aufführungen:

Walid Al Hajjar (*1932)

A composer of the Romantic age, polyglot Walid Al Hajjar was born in St. Paul city, Damascus. He was initiated to music at a very early age by white Russian Baron Belling, former conductor at Tsar Nicolas Court. He later studied counterpoint during the fifties with Madame Honegger in Paris, and composition with Edmond Marc at the Conservatoire de Paris. This, while pursuing painting at the École des Beaux-Arts under sculptor Zadkin; he then moved to the US to finish his academic studies and graduated in political science. Several of Al Hajjar’s compositions are on Utube; he has four novels to his name, and continues writing articles and essays; five hundred of which are published on his Facebook page.