Atli Ingólfsson

Atli Ingólfsson (Foto: Kristinn Ingvason)  

Atli Ingólfsson (IS) – atloid 104: lascito

Atli Ingólfsson about „atloid 104: lascito“:

„My catalogue of works features a series of pieces entitled Atloids. These are pieces which challenge the traditional expressive mode, temporality and setting of concert music, and are often derived more or less directly from other works of mine. However, they can also be presented as concert pieces.

This atloid carries a title: Lascito. It is the Italian word for „heritage“, but etymologically implies „that which is left behind“. It is made of simple cadential material which might be derived from Beethoven’s works, but set against a background which mainly extracts the inharmonic resonances of this material, so it does not sound like the resolute conclusion it should imply. The title therefore refers both to the material itself, as a resonance from the past, and the actual sonic resonance, the sound it leaves behind. The question is, might Beethoven’s music produce a similar inharmonic resonance in the cultural surroundigs of our day?“

Atli Ingólfsson (*1962)

Atli Ingólfsson, from Iceland, finished his studies in Milan and Paris in 1990. Since then he has been active as a composer, writing for musicians in Iceland and across Europe works of all kinds, in later years adding three full length music theatre pieces to his oeuvre. He is at present professor of composition at the Iceland University of the Arts.

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